Our Story


Frank, Nichole and Weston Musgrave, owners of Southern Grace Tree Farm.

For several years, my husband and I went to tree farms and chose the PERFECT Christmas tree for our home. After years of purchasing from other Awesome tree farmers, we had a brilliant idea! Maybe we could grow our own trees and families come to our farm and create the same wonderful memories. We purchased land and seedlings and planted 2500 trees. After hours of mowing, shearing, watering and pruning, we now have beautiful trees!

We love families to visit our farm and make memories that last a lifetime! Come smell the scents of Christmas and pick your perfect tree. Listen to the beautiful creek and walk our bridge to our field of trees.

Currently in the fields growing, we have Virginia pines, white pines, scotch pines and white spruce. Fraser firs are shipped in from North Carolina.